Playing Ooblets Gives Subtle Satisfaction That We All Need Right Now!

Ooblets is a fun simulation game where you sow, grow, and dance-fight for your little space. It can be looked at as a combo of farming games and Pokemon-style battle games. You have your own farm; your buddies are there with you, and the whole town is yours to take on.

The quest is to collect all the magical objects available in the land. Your character can be tailored to your liking, customizing their clothes, hair, and the place you live. But nothing too fancy, since the game is about living a simple life. Once you’re up and ready, go out into town, where everyone knows you and are always excited to see you. There are various places in the Oob, and you can explore new sites every day, meeting new characters and finding special ooblets. You get one, in the beginning, forty more to go! And even more if we include the shiny ones, which are harder to find.  

Find Ooblets!

You can upgrade your pals, join a gang, hate other groups, do all the mundane stuff with a touch of humor, and super weird nomenclature (I mean, clothets for clothes?). The names of the vegetables you have to grow also take some time to get familiar with. Other than this small annoyance, the whole game gives you an immensely comforting and delightful feeling. It reminds us of the simple parts of life we miss now. Touching random surfaces is a simple human activity that will never be the same. Human contact has changed as a concept globally. In these weirdly awkward and uncomfortable dark times, we need a semblance of all that is giddy and nice. It isn’t always giddy, but giddy enough. And that helps put our mind to ease. The game puts our mind to relax.

Released only on PC and Xbox

The game is available on PC and Xbox, released on July 15. You can buy it on Epic Games Store, exclusively. This was a massive reason for resentment amongst fans, not so much the exclusivity but the treatment of the patrons when the company was going through the deal. Fans on Reddit noted how the developers were playing the victim card when, in fact, they had decided to do what they did. No pressure from anywhere was involved. Even so, the gaming community has accepted the game as a whole.

The FAQ section slyly hints at a mixed future for the game on the PlayStation platform. The page didn’t even name the competitor platform for reasons unknown, but those who know, know. They also talk about a multiplayer version of the game, which is on the cards but not something they plan for this version. Possibly, in the sequel, we’ll see a multiplayer mode.

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